Indo-American Community Alliance (ICA)

Our Mission & Vision


Indo American Community Alliance strives to serve its local members and the larger community by bringing people together and providing exceptional, groundbreaking programs in the children’s, youth, and adult education; literature and culture; performing and visual arts; health and fitness; advocacy on a range of topics – social, economic, and entrepreneurial; and Indian culture and heritage.

Long-Term Vision

Our long-term goal extends beyond our core constituency of the Indian diaspora. We aim to serve people of all religious, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. By seeking partnerships that leverage our programs, we aspire to broaden our influence and make a positive impact on a wider scale.

Our Goals

We are dedicated to enriching the civic life of the Indo American community in the U.S.A. Our focus lies in fostering growth and unity through actions that promote individual and family development within the context of both Indian values and American pluralism. As a community-based social and cultural organization, our purpose is to create, provide, and disseminate programs of distinction. These programs support and enhance the physical and mental well-being of our community members throughout their lives. We also prioritize their educational and spiritual growth, ensuring they find joy in their experiences. To make a positive difference in the community by leveraging community and other resources, generate awareness and understanding of need, and offer free and/or deeply subsidized services in areas such as health, legal, elder care, and other support services.