Indo-American Community Alliance (ICA)



Youth Council

Empowering the Future Leaders

Our Youth Council is dedicated to nurturing the potential of young minds, providing them with opportunities for personal and professional growth. Through mentorship programs, workshops, and community events, we aim to shape a confident and capable generation

Women's Council

Celebrating Strength and Leadership

The Women's Council at ICA strives to empower and uplift women in our community. We organize events, workshops, and networking opportunities to promote leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal development among women of all ages.


Business Council

Fostering Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our Business Council is committed to supporting and promoting businesses within the Indo-American community. We provide resources, networking events, and mentorship programs to help businesses thrive and contribute to the overall economic development

Senior Citizens Council

Honoring Wisdom and Experience

The Senior Citizens Council focuses on the well-being and engagement of our elders. Through social events, health programs, and community support, we ensure that our seniors lead fulfilling lives and continue to be valued members of our community